master's thesis
Translating Culture-Specific Humor in Subtitling The Big Bang Theorye

Sara Štefanac (2016)
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
TitleTranslating Culture-Specific Humor in Subtitling The Big Bang Theorye
AuthorSara Štefanac
Mentor(s)Goran Schmidt (thesis advisor)
After the introduction there is a chapter on the theoretical background about humor, the difference versus verbal and conceptual humor, and the theoretical part about subtitling. In this theoretical part some basic facts about humor and subtitling are presented. Later, humor and subtitling are connected according to the categories of humor using as a source, as well as English and Croatian subtitles from the TV series The Big Bang Theory.The topic of this research is an analysis of humor translation in the subtitles of the TV series The Big Bang Theory. This TV series is a good example of verbal humor in subtitling because it has a lot of examples for each category of verbal humor and it can be used as a good topic for the discussion about humor translation. The characters in this series use different types of humor and because of that it is sometimes difficult to achieve the same humorous effect among Croatian viewers. The main reason for that is the fact that the translator often has to compensate, use different idioms, plays on words, jokes and has to be very creative. It is very important to be familiar with cultural background and fill in the gaps when there is a difference. It contains both English and Croatian subtitles which are divided into seventeen categories of verbal humor according to the The central part of this research is the analysis of verbal humor translation, with the explanation of meaning of the idioms, plays on words, and the ways of translating and compensating in order to preserve the humorous effect and meanings of the subtitles which are used both in Croatian and English subtitles. After analyzing each category there are comments at the end of each category of verbal humor, in which every translation is analysed according to Katia Spankakis (2007) categorization of humor translation from Translation Journal.
Parallel title (Croatian)Prevođenje kulturološki uvjetovanog humora u titlovanju serij
Committee MembersGoran Schmidt (committee chairperson)
Alma Vančura (committee member)
Marija Omazić (committee member)
GranterJosip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Scientific field, discipline, subdisciplineHUMANISTIC SCIENCES
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Study levelgraduate
Study programmeEnglish Language and Literature (double major); specializations in: Teacher Training, Translation and Interpreting Studies, Philology
Study specializationPhilology
Academic title abbreviationmag. philol. angl.
Genremaster's thesis
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Defense date2016-09-16
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