undergraduate thesis
Nonverbal Communication

Ivana Gavran (2016)
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
TitleNeverbalna komunikacija
AuthorIvana Gavran
Mentor(s)Tanja Gradečak Erdeljić (thesis advisor)
Nonverbal communication is the norm of human communication because it makes up around its two thirds. About the complexity of nonverbal communication witness numerous definitions that exist on the topic; possibly as many as there are textbooks. The simplest definition is that it is an elaborate code written nowhere, known to none, and understood by all. Because of its complexity, it is important and the best to use the multidisciplinary approach to study and understand nonverbal communication. A multidisciplinary approach explores different cues of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal communication is also referred to as body language because it involves haptics, proxemics, kinesics, eye behaviour, facial expressions. These are the subcodes of nonverbal communication discussed in this paper. The subcodes represent how we communicate through space and territory, our physical appearance and dress, kinesics, the voice, the use of time and olfaction. Among dealing with such subcodes as proxemics, tactics, and haptic, this paper also dealt with physical appearance as a subcode. It appears to be that we communicate much more through our clothes and overall physical appearance than we might think. Physical appearance is influenced culturally, psychologically, socioeconomically, by sex/gender, by age etc. thus revealing these kind of information to our surroundings.
Parallel title (English)Nonverbal Communication
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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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