undergraduate thesis
Linguistic Typology of English

Bonita Poslončec (2016)
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of English Language and Literature
TitleLinguistic Typology of the English Language
AuthorBonita Poslončec
Mentor(s)Tanja Gradečak Erdeljić (thesis advisor)
Linguistic typology is the branch of linguistics dealing with the study and classification of languages based their structural and functional features. These features include phonological, morphological and syntactic properties languages exhibit. When it comes to phonology, languages are observed through their vowel and consonant systems together with some specific features like tonality and stress. As it is often difficult to group languages based on their phonological features, it serves more as a descriptive tool rather than a classifying means. Morphological typology offers three different language types with their own specific features. Based on the manner morphemes are combined to form words and denote grammatical relations languages can be classified as isolating, polysynthetic and synthetic, further branching into agglutinating and fusional type. Still, there are languages not belonging to any group such as English, which, as will be shown, exhibits the features of two language types – analytic (isolating) and synthetic. The third linguistic branch observed – syntax - sets languages into groups based on their word orders, or the positions of subject, verb and object in a declarative sentence. English, belonging to the group with the most commonly used word orders (subject – verb – object) has obligatory word order due to its analytic features.
Parallel title (English)Linguistic Typology of English
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