master's thesis
The Dystopian World of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games

Vlatko Macanić (2016)
Sveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku
Filozofski fakultet
TitleThe Dystopian World of Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games
AuthorVlatko Macanić
Mentor(s)Borislav Berić (thesis advisor)
The paper analyzes general dystopian features and interprets them in Hunger Games trilogy. Although the trilogy is categorized as a young adult adventure fiction by default, it manages to successfully incorporate numerous features that are characteristic for the dystopian genre of literature. Considering that, the first chapter serves as an introduction to the dystopian world of Hunger Games and describes its basic structure. This chapter explores the roles of the society and its totalitarian government, which are centered on Hunger Games, the modern version of gladiatorial games, that serves as a main source of oppression, terror, and control. The next chapter focuses on the three prominent ways of control imposed by the totalitarian government: media control, fear as a control, and food as control. The third chapter describes the characteristics of the dehumanized society, marked by the unequal distribution of wealth, separation within the society, distorted values, and reversion of the family roles. The next topic, that paper analyzes, is the use of propaganda and lies of the government, which are the major causes of the severe mass manipulation of the society. The final three chapters describe the atypical hero of the dystopian world of Hunger Games, the function of the rebellion, and the role of technology contrasted with the role of the nature.
Parallel title (Croatian)Distopijski svijet u romanu Suzanne Collins Igre gladi
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Borislav Berić (committee member)
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GranterSveučilište Josipa Jurja Strossmayera u Osijeku
Filozofski fakultet
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