master's thesis
Stereotypes and Prejudices in the Magical World of Harry Potter

Jasmina Gagulić (2016)
TitleStereotypes and Prejudices in the Magical World of Harry Potter
AuthorJasmina Gagulić
Mentor(s)Biljana Oklopčić (thesis advisor)
This paper presents the analysis of stereotypes and prejudices in the Harry Potter series. The paper is divided into several parts, with the definition of stereotypes and the discussion about gender and house stereotypes in the first part of the paper and the definition and the discussion of prejudice, namely racial prejudice, in the second part. Stereotypes are challenged in the portrayal of many characters whose behavior calls into question traditional gender roles as well as the traits commonly associated with the four Hogwarts houses. Prejudices, on the other hand, exist as the social phenomenon connected to either a social class or a different magical race. The paper reaches a conclusion that the series exhibits a certain amount of stereotypes, especially in terms of house stereotypes, yet it also proposes the idea that it is difficult to write about gender stereotypes with the same certainty.
Parallel title (Croatian)Stereotipi i predrasude u čarobnom svijetu Harry Pottera
Committee MembersJadranka Zlomislić (committee chairperson)
Biljana Oklopčić (committee member)
Ljubica Matek (committee member)
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