undergraduate thesis
Southern American English

Maja Kuna (2015)
Josip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek
Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
TitleSouthern American English
AuthorMaja Kuna
Mentor(s)Mario Brdar (thesis advisor)
As the title suggests, the geographical aspect of this final paper will be at the forefront and will focus on the part of language spoken in and derived from the Southern part of the United States. Being possibly the most studied regional variety due mainly to the diversity among the population, its linguistic significance rises and makes it an appealing part of scholastically worthy research areas. Both the past and the present of this geographical part of the United States offer a great opportunity to broaden the knowledge brought to us by linguists such as Montgomery, Alego and McMillan, to name just a few. Various social groups are being examined in the paper in order to fully understand the shifting that is present in the grammatical and semantic component at the same time. The phonological part of the language is probably the most recognizable and unique aspect, in part due to its popularity on the big screen and the judgemental attitude the foreigners have towards the Southerners and their linguistic achievements. The negative stereotyping that outsiders have towards the South and its linguistic part is also something that will be mentioned. Condescension that arises from the same outsiders is present in their attitude, which sometimes exceeds politeness. The one factor that will closely be examined because of its importance to the evolution of the English language is the influence of other languages. The reality is that one simply does not get to the status of number one language in the world without stealing a phrase or two from its competition. This paper will provide some of the overview of the major points of differentiation that have been documented in the works of American and British linguists.
Parallel title (Croatian)Južnjački američki engleski
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Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
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