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Three Perspectives of the Iraq War: Generation Kill (the novel and the HBO Series) and One Bullet Away

Marko Feješ (2015)
TitleThree Perspectives of the Iraq War: Generation Kill (the novel and the HBO Series) and One Bullet Away
AuthorMarko Feješ
Mentor(s)Sanja Runtić (thesis advisor)
Jasna Poljak Rehlicki (thesis advisor)
Receiving accurate information is very important, especially when dealing with topics such as war. The 2003 Iraq War is a relatively recent conflict between The United States of America and other Coalition forces against Iraqi Army led by Saddam Hussein. The literature about this particular conflict is still in the making, so it is important to know how to disambiguate between accurate information and sensationalism. This paper tackles the problem of accurately conveying facts about the Iraq War by analyzing three battles through three different perspectives, namely those of journalists, officers, and enlisted personnel. Each of them perceive the war through the prism of their own beliefs and prior experiences, and due to that, it is necessary to filter their own subjective perceptions from the objective truth. That is done by looking into one event from various points of view. By comparing how the three battles were narrated from each of the perspectives, this paper aims to extract the information that overlaps in all of the perspectives. Those pieces of information can be regarded as objective, whilst the rest of the individual narratives are personally influenced and vary slightly, depending on the narrator. Sources from which these three perspectives will be drawn are Evan Wright’s war reports compiled into a book titled Generation Kill, which was later turned into a TV miniseries, and Nathaniel Fick’s war memoir One Bullet Away: The Making of a Marine Officer.
Parallel title (Croatian)Tri perspektive rata u Iraku: Generation Kill (roman i serija) i One Bullet away
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