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Competitiveness as a function of local and regional growth and development

Bestvina Bukvić, Ivana; Karačić, Domagoj (2014)
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Title (English)Competitiveness as a function of local and regional growth and development
AuthorBestvina Bukvić, Ivana
Karačić, Domagoj
Abstract (English)
Each economic entity, institution and individual has the responsibility of contributing to the economic development in its region. Creating conditions for the development and empowerment of the business sector are activities that in the long run lead to the strengthening of not only certain economic sectors, but the entire region. In the recent period sources from EU funds for co-financing of capital projects have become available to investors. Given the uncertainty in business conditions, investors’ poor capitalization, lack of business profitability and, in terms of profitability and risk, lack of high-quality capital projects, the benefits of these resources are insufficient and/or inadequately used. The aim of this paper is to analyse the strength and capabilities of Croatian companies for financing and implementation of high-quality capital projects. For this purpose, this paper will present the results of research of financial position of selected companies in 2012. Also, it presents the results of research from 2011 that examined the reality of projections of later activated investment projects. These results are the basis for a conclusion about the ability of management, in the analysed region, to make realistic plans and carry out high-quality capital projects.
Keywords (English)capital projects financial position of the company growth and development of the region
Publication typescientific paper - review paper
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Journal titleEkonomski vjesnik : Review of Contemporary Entrepreneurship, Business, and Economic Issues
Numbering2014, Vol. XXVII, No. 2, pp 437-445
Datepublication: 24.12.2014.
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Scientific fieldSOCIAL SCIENCES
InstitutionJosip Juraj Strossmayer University of Osijek, Faculty of Economics in Osijek