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(Dys)functionality of accounting cost systems in manufacturing companies of Tuzla canton

Puškarević, Sado; Gadžo, Amra (2014)
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Title (English)(Dys)functionality of accounting cost systems in manufacturing companies of Tuzla canton
AuthorPuškarević, Sado
Gadžo, Amra
Abstract (English)
This paper shows the results of the conducted primary survey on functionality of cost systems in manufacturing companies of Tuzla Canton (hereinafter “TC”). This paper assesses their adequacy to the needs of these companies: the present needs, and the ones that will be brought by the changes in the environment. These systems have to be up-to-date, as they influence the process of cost management, which is the key factor of companies’ adaptation to the conditions of a modern market. Cost management, which is based on the information of a cost system, enables the company to take the adequate stand towards customers on markets and toward their competition. Also, the quality cost information is a precondition for effective and efficient allocation of limited resources in a transitional period of society development. Therefore, only quality designed cost system in transitional economy will enable recovery, and then, growth and development of a company. This emphasizes the importance of research of the stated issues for transitional countries. The research results should also help to persuade the management about the need to modernize the operation organization, primarily the accounting function, mainly in the part of cost system organization. The determined defects, as well as deviances in relation to current needs for information about costs, are guidelines for an adequate process of redesigning cost systems in companies of transitional economy.
Keywords (English)evaluation of cost systems manufacturing companies transitional economies
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Journal titleEkonomski vjesnik : Review of Contemporary Entrepreneurship, Business, and Economic Issues
Numbering2014, Vol. XXVII, No. 2, pp 409-422
Datepublication: 24.12.2014.
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