Scientific paper - Preliminary note / Short communication
Quantitative and quality features of business tourism in Istria and potential possibilities of its improvement

Rudančić- Lugarić, Andreja; Herak, Ivan; Herak, Martina (2014)
Language English
Title (English)Quantitative and quality features of business tourism in Istria and potential possibilities of its improvement
AuthorRudančić- Lugarić, Andreja
Herak, Ivan
Herak, Martina
Abstract (English)
In the last several years there has been more interest in new segments of tourism, such as business tourism, on the international tourist market. This share of tourist market represents an exceptionally important segment of tourist offer, especially within the context of tourist season prolongation, increasing the attractiveness level of a tourist destination and certain economic effects that are achieved by developing this share of the tourist market. Specific forms of tourism, such as business tourism, require specific rooms, services, products, in a word, specific tourist destination, so the strategy of a tourist destination’s positioning for this segment of tourism must start with the fact that competition is strong and tourist needs are very heterogeneous. In the last few years, tourism of Istria County has recorded increasing orientation towards the segment of business tourism. The aim of this paper is to assess, examine the level of business tourism development in Istria County through the factors of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Based on the analysis of the current business tourism offer, the paper attempts to indicate the necessity of qualitative improvement of the business tourism product, and make proposals, visions and goals of the system by which one could contribute to the development of Istria County as a business tourism destination, which would definitely attract higher demand, make additional financial effects and reinforce its image on the world tourist market of business events.
Keywords (English)Kspecific forms of tourism business tourism quantitative and qualitative analysis of the present situation Istria County
Publication typescientific paper - preliminary note / short communication
Publication statuspublished
Peer reviewpeer review - international
Journal titleEkonomski vjesnik : Review of Contemporary Entrepreneurship, Business, and Economic Issues
Numbering2014, Vol. XXVII, No. 2, pp 271-284
Datepublication: 24.12.2014.
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Scientific fieldSOCIAL SCIENCES